Palm Sugar / Panaai Sakkarai – 250gm

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Palm sugar is a sweetener derived from any variety of palm tree. Palm sugar is sometimes qualified by the type of palm, as in coconut palm sugar. While sugars from different palms may have slightly different compositions, all are processed similarly and can be used

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Palm Sugar


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1.NUTRIONAL CONTENT: A natural sweetener enriched with minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.
2.HEALTHY SWEETENER: It has a well-balanced sugar content with low GI and rich in anti-oxidants preventing free radicals.
3.SUBSTITUTE FOR WHITE SUGAR: Being a healthy and nutrient rich sweetener, it is a healthy substitute for white sugar for sweetening dishes.
4.HEALTH BENEFITS: rich in fibre, it makes the bowel movement easier and also purifies the blood and removes toxin from the body.


1. High Quality Cane Jaggery
2. 100% Chemical Free
3. Fresh and High Quality Products


Pure Natural Himalayan Pink Salt.
• It has essential minerals which are not found in table salt.
• Its in powder form.
• Store in a air tight glass container in a cool and dry place

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